Your product, our solution.


Whether inspecting stack alignments, measuring anode overhang, analyzing telescoping or detecting dents, Exacom solutions offer this and much more at high throughput rates. Our highly flexible carrier and track systems integrate seamlessly into processes and production speeds. Traceable product data powered by AI optimize production, ensuring both high yields and long-lasting product safety.

Whether used in a lab or in production, the non-destructive inspection helps detect faulty cells, increase production efficiency and ensure safe batteries. Gain valuable insights into the internal cell structure during or after production. With our solution systems you will be able to achieve the highest grade of absolute accuracy and precision. We provide certified and traceable calibration artifacts, as well as custom acceptance specimen to prove the metrology performance at any given point in time.

Types of cells we work with


We offer a tray-based solution to inspect multiple cells at a time. 100% 2D inspection at 60PPM.


100% stack inspection for all sizes of cell stacks. 100% inline – 100% 3D.


Integrated track solution at highest speeds. 100% 2D inspection at up to 175PPM.


2D and 3D inspection solutions for stack inspection and quality control of the assembled cell.

AI-Powered Solutions

Beyond traditional image computation: In many cases, the classic application is limited in regard to complex structures, variations and fast analysis. Whilst maintaining full traceability of the results, we utilize the steadily collected production data to streamline custom analysis solutions for individual products.


Exacom ensures non-destructive quality control through every stage of development, from R&D to mass production. It enables complete transparency of a cells’ quality anytime, allowing for cost reduction, accelerated development and market readiness.


Efficiency and safety require 100% X-ray quality gates built into processes. Our flexible and proven solutions capture both high-resolution images and measurement data at high production speeds.


Comprehensive 3D measurement data is essential to gain product insight. Our 3D analyses with computed tomography (CT) enable powerful product improvements, whether in a lab or mass production.