Supporting a sustainable future with
fast and reliable quality control.

Why Exacom?

As a global leader in non-destructive imaging solutions, Exacom offers unmatched expertise in customized metrology processes, automation and line integration. With an adaptable system portfolio of X-ray and optical battery inspection solutions, manufacturers benefit from high-throughput, flexible configurations and 100% quality control. Our dedicated team of highly experienced battery inspection professionals support the integration of inline metrology solutions as quality gates into the production process. With our innovative technologies, world-class companies rely on Exacom solutions to produce long-lasting, high quality and reliable battery cells.

Exacom inspection solutions enable customers to xcess the inaccessible.


Integrity of the team combined with a high level of
integration of our x-ray solutions.


Together we quickly develop solutions for your
production with the shortest test times, simply fast.


Our goal is to assure highly integrated and reliable inline inspection solutions to support your quality assurance.

Our Vision

As your strategic partner, we aim to understand your vision and processes in order to provide you with a solution that offers a reliable quality control with a 100% inspection rate. This ambition shapes our goal to support you from design over prototypes to mass production to accelerate your time to market. We aspire to achieve this while keeping a low impact on production throughput and gaining a high impact on production quality by integrating inspection into your process flow.

Our Mission

As we move together towards a sustainable future, our data will help you achieve efficient processes and improve your production yield. The in-house development of our inspection solutions enables us to work customer-centred and technology-driven. As you can rely on our metrology, you can also rely on our customer support. Our team operates fast and flexible to guarantee you the best result. This solution-oriented approach allows us to think ahead and consult you on how to make your processes more effective.

Meet our team

As global leaders in battery cell inspection, you can count on our experienced professionals’ expertise in both technology and production. Our dedicated team handles all aspects of the customer journey, from your needs and requirements to system configurations, implementation and worldwide customer support.

Whatever the question, they have the answers.