Do You Work In Battery Cell Mass Production?

Reduce Reject Rates
While Increasing
Process Understanding

...With X-Ray Metrology
(Proven Inline CT < 4 Sec)

Your product, our solution.

Exacom offers in-house developed X-ray metrology components for high-quality and cost-effective battery cells. We specialize in detecting, measuring, and classifying design-specific failures. Our advanced inline metrology solutions cover various cell formats, including coins, cylindrical, pouch, and prismatic cells. With expertise in energy storage, consumer goods, and e-mobility, our experienced team scales solutions from R&D to mass production, benefiting our customers.

Inline inspection process

About us

Exacom is part of the strong Viscom corporation. We design, develop and manufacture X-ray solutions specifically for battery cells. At Exacom we stand for passion, innovation, out of the box thinking, honesty and reliability, as well as speed and a hands on mentality.

With our innovative high speed X-ray imaging solutions our goal is a safer, greener and more resourceful future.