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Reduce Reject Rates While Increasing Process Understanding

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Integrity of the team combined with a high level of integration of our x-ray solutions


Together we quickly develop solutions for your production with the shortest test time, simply fast


Our goal is to assure high integrated and reliable inline inspection solutions to support your quality assurance

Who we are

We’re a part of the strong Viscom corporation

We design, develop and manufacture X-ray solutions specifically for battery cells. At Exacom we stand for passion, innovation, out of the box thinking, honesty and reliability, as well as speed and a hands on mentality.

With our innovative high speed X-ray imaging solutions our goal is a safer, greener and more resourceful future.

Your product,
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Exacom offers in-house developed X-ray metrology components for high-quality and cost-effective battery cells. We specialize in detecting, measuring, and classifying design-specific failures. Our advanced inline metrology solutions cover various cell formats, including coins, cylindrical, pouch, and prismatic cells. With expertise in energy storage, consumer goods, and e-mobility, our experienced team scales solutions from R&D to mass production, benefiting our customers.

Coin cells

We offer a tray-based solution to inspect multiple cells at a time. 100% 2D inspection at 60PPM.

Stacked cells

100% stack inspection for all sizes of cell stacks. 100% inline – 100% 3D.

Cylindrical cells

Integrated track solution at highest speeds. 100% 2D inspection at up to 175PPM.

Prismatic cells

2D and 3D inspection solutions for stack inspection and quality control of the assembled cell.

We provide solutions for inline x-ray metrology in quality control

AI-Powered Solutions

Beyond traditional image processing limitations, we utilize production data to create custom analysis solutions for complex structures and variations while ensuring result traceability.


Exacom enables non-destructive quality control throughout the entire development process, ensuring transparency and cost reduction while expediting development and market readiness.

Ultra-fast quality control

Efficiency and safety require 100% X-ray quality gates built into processes. Our flexible and proven solutions capture both high-resolution images and measurement data at high production speeds.

360° quality control

Comprehensive 3D measurement data is essential to gain product insight. Our 3D analyses with computed tomography (CT) enable powerful product improvements, whether in a lab or mass production.

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Supporting a sustainable future with fast and reliable quality control

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